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Nurses are needed nationwide. But some cities are better to live in than others when it comes to working as a nurse for various reasons. Here is a look at five cities in the northeast to live in as a nurse. Boston, Massachusetts Boston is one of the top cities for nurses to live in thanks to all the well-known hospitals located there. The hourly salary for a nurse ranges from $28 to $56 on average. Boston is also home to many sites...
Becoming a nurse and gaining subsequent experience working in the field requires a lot of time and dedication. Obtaining a nursing certification on top of this is something that may not appeal to some nurses. But getting a nurse certification does have its benefits. This post offers an overview of what a certification can do for a registered nurse’s career. Certifications Equal Knowledge Think of a certification as the next step...
Having credentials in addition to your RN license can prove to be beneficial for those in certain specialties or if you’re working as a travel nurse. One credential to consider is a Master of Science in Nursing or MSN. More positions are starting to require it or another advanced degree. This article talks about how and why you should get an MSN and the benefits it has for different types of nurses along with things to consider. The...
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