Office Nurse LPN- Pulmonology

  • Mass General Brigham
  • WDH Main Hospital 789 Central Ave Dover 03820
  • Mar 14, 2022
Full time Licensed Practical Nurses/Vocational Nurses(LVN)/(LPN)

Job Description

At Wentworth-Douglass, we value people who contribute to patient-centered care that enhances community health; we recognize and reward those who share our values and transform our patients' lives. We invite you to explore opportunities, cultivate community wellness and professional growth. 

1. Performs patient intake functions.
a. Completes patient intake to include accurate blood pressure, temperature, weight, symptoms, reason for visit, pain, etc., per office protocol.
b. Records visit intake information clearly and accurately per office protocol. Accurately completes corresponding level of care form as applicable.
c. Assesses preventive health needs, as indicated within office protocol.
d. Reconciles medication list, as indicated, within office protocol.

2. Plans appropriately for patient care.
. Anticipates needs of patient visits to optimize provider time.
a. Proactively monitors the patient and provider schedules to ensure that patients are seen in a timely and efficient manner.
b. Assists providers with office-based procedures and prepares supplies and patient for the care they will be receiving.
c. Ensures that the appropriate paperwork is attached to the record.
d. Plans care to include ensuring patient follow-up return to the office as appropriate.
e. Prioritizes delegated tasks based on patient care needs and office activities.

3. Provides individualized, age-specific care to patients under the specific orders of physician or provider.
. Properly administers and documents medications, immunizations and treatments ordered by providers. Ensures that all appropriate documents, vaccine information sheets, etc. are provided to patients/guardians in advance and that all applicable written consents are obtained prior to administration.
a. Ensures the integrity of all medications and vaccines as per regulatory guidelines and applicable policies and procedures prior to administering. Complies with all applicable inventory and reporting requirements.
b. Performs other related clinical duties under the specific order of a physician or provider, i.e. EKG's, injections, nebulizer treatments, obtaining specimens, phlebotomy, vision exams, hearing exams, pulse oximetry, ear lavage, guiaic testing, etc. based on specific office protocols. Please note that not all clinical duties are performed in each office.
c. Performs CLIA waived tests according to office needs and demonstrated competency.
d. Maintains all safety/health logs as indicated and required by office protocol and regulatory requirements.
e. Recognizes limitations and seeks advice and direction from the physician, provider, supervisor or other appropriate clinical staff member.


4. Supports the general overall functioning of the office.
. Will perform the functions of a front desk representative during times when the office is not as busy from a clinical perspective and as directed/assigned.
a. Performs accurate and timely filing responsibilities per office protocol.
b. Scheduling of office appointments, confirming of office appointments or facilitating/processing referrals as needed per office protocol.
c. Assists in the development of office procedures in close cooperation and conjunction with the practice manager and providers. Office procedures are designed to meet all regulatory requirements and enhance patient flow and clinical efficiency as appropriate.
d. Alerts appropriate staff when supplies are low and/or orders medications, medical supplies and/or office supplies per office protocols.
e. Prepares, maintains and stocks examination rooms, treatment rooms and medication closets and other storage areas per office protocol.

5. Effectively communicates with patients/family members.
. Notifies patients and informs them of their test results and/or relays provider recommendations based on the specific direction/instruction of the physician or provider. Appropriately documents the follow-up that was conducted per office protocol.
a. Thoroughly documents all patient telephone conversations and accurately relays this information to the physician or provider, for appropriate follow-up, i.e., request for prescription refills, request for medication samples, request for same day appointment, etc. Processes the prescription refills via the pharmacy or a mail-away prescription program as appropriate. Schedules patients for appointments per office protocol and per the instructions of the physician or provider as applicable.

6. Professional Development - Acquires and maintains current knowledge and competency in performing appropriate clinical functions.
. Participates in ongoing educational activities and acquires knowledge and skills appropriate to the role of an office nurse.
a. Shares information/in services, interacting with others as valued colleagues.
b. Assists and supports a new or transferred employee during their orientation period.
c. Maintains all appropriate certifications and/or registrations including.
d. Seeks constructive feedback regarding his or her own practice.
e. Maintains an accurate education log reflecting attendance at and participation in professional development opportunities.

7. Ensures good teamwork and effective interpersonal relationships
. Communicates effectively and handles confidential matters per policy and procedure.
a. Recognizes sensitive situations and seeks appropriate assistance.
b. Monitors personal work ethics, behaviors and attitude.
c. Recommends improvement in orientation/work environment.
d. Evaluates own performance and recognizes opportunities for improvement.
e. Recognizes his or her strength and uses them to benefit patients, co-workers and the profession.
f. Recognizes and takes advantage of opportunities for educational growth.
g. Maintains strong and effective relationships with peers, staff, physicians, agencies and other organizations consistent with the hospital's strategic plan.
h. Participates in team spirit and becomes involved in daily decision-making for improvements.
i. Accepts responsibility as a member of a team. Routinely attends meetings, offers suggestions and openly and constructively relays concerns to the appropriate party.

8. Works to improve Press-Ganey patient satisfaction scores.
. Works effectively and cooperatively with other members of the team to identify opportunities for improvement in Press-Ganey results and actively participates in recommending plans of action to address any identified issues.

9. Works to improve processes related to hospital initiatives such as the Doctors' Health Partnership.
. Works effectively and cooperatively with other members of the team to identify opportunities for improving processes related to the management of the Doctors' Health Partnership. Actively participates in recommending plans of action to address any identified issues.

10. Other General Duties as assigned/directed
. Maintains work area in a professional and organized manner.
a. Performs all other duties as assigned/directed.


Job Requirements

Experience Minimum Required
• Over one year in a medical office with pediatric experience.