Registered Nurse - Urgent Care

  • Mass General Brigham
  • WDH Lee 65 Calef Highway Lee 03861
  • Mar 14, 2022
Part time Registered Nurse (RN)

Job Description


TEAMWORK: Participates as an active and contributing member of a team to achieve common goals. Works collaboratively with other team members, shares relevant information and credit for team accomplishments, as appropriate.

  1. Responds promptly, courteously and appropriately to requests from others for assistance and/or information. Consistently

demonstrates empathy and understands the impact of their work on patients, families and other team members.

  1. Actively contributes to a positive work environment through their interactions with others. Gives and receives honest feedback in a

non-confrontational manner and influences others with their supportive, enthusiastic and optimistic approach to the team and work


  1. Offers possible solutions when addressing a problem or concern. Participates in decision making, utilizing the WDHS Decision Making Model, when appropriate.

INTEGRITY/ACCOUNTABILITY: Builds productive working relationships with internal and external customers, based on honesty,

accountability and role modeling.

  1. Strives to meet customer expectation by providing consistent, timely and high quality work: meets deadlines, adapts to changes and is respectful of confidentiality.
  2. Treats others courteously and professionally at all times.
  3. Accepts responsibility for own actions, behaviors and decisions. Actions and speech reflect a commitment to WDHS.
  4. Accepts accountability for behavioral choices. Works to advance a Culture of Safety and mutual support. Understands safety risk and occurrence reporting expectations.

EXCELLENCE: Effectively assesses and adjusts to changes in circumstances, resources or environment, using creativity and flexibility.

  1. Works in an organized manner and adheres to department operation and service standards.
  2. Participates with departmental leadership in achieving (or working toward) results aligned with the Strategic Plan and Triple Aim.
  3. Identifies areas for process improvement driven by organizational and customer needs.
  4. Takes the initiative to learn higher level skills that enhance the ability to contribute to the department or organization.

RESPECT: Clearly conveys and receives information and ideas in a manner that engages the listener, helps them understand and retain the message, and invites response and feedback. Keeps others informed and follows up as appropriate. Speaks positively and seeks to understand others. Listens for feedback and engages in dialogue.

  1. Uses appropriate body language, non-verbal expressions and tone of voice when interacting with others.
  2. Takes the initiative to improve working relationships and foster mutual respect with coworkers and customers. Consistently acts

cooperatively and is able to obtain the cooperation of others.

  1. Maintains a pleasant, courteous disposition and acknowledges the contribution of others.

CARING: Behaves professionally and supportively when working with or responding to the needs of coworkers and customers.

  1. Easily interacts with a diverse workforce. Has an open and cooperative approach when interacting with others and embraces individual differences.
  2. Recognizes differing social and cultural standards and adapts accordingly.
  3. Maintains safe and respectful workplace by refraining from gossip/rumors, threats, violence, intimidation and other types of

disrespectful or harassing behaviors.

COMPLIANCE: Adheres to all organizational policies, procedures, regulatory and statutory rules, acting promptly on all potential discrepancies.

Takes effective corrective action and/or informs appropriate individuals that a compliance breach has occurred.

  1. HIPAA – Protects the privacy of patient data written, electronically and verbally.
  2. C ode of Organizational Ethics/Compliance – Understands and adheres to Duty to Comply, Duty to Act in an Ethical Manner, Duty to Participate in Education and Training, Duty to participate in Auditing and Monitoring, duty to Participate in an Investigation and

Obligation to Report.

  1. Non-Harassment – Maintains safe and secure work environment by refraining from physical violence, threats and intimidation and

other types of harassment, verbal and non-verbal.

  1. Environment of Care/Infection C control – Performs duties related to providing a safe environment and prevention of control of infection.
  2. Organizational Policies and Procedures – Is knowledgeable of, understands and adheres to all applicable departmental and

organizational policies and procedures.

  1. Safety – Understands safety risk in area and develops plan to ensure employee and patient safety.


  2. Appropriately assesses, plans, implements and evaluates patient care, specific to population served


  1. Follows policies/procedures, clinical practice standards pertinent to care, including emergency situations
  2. Matches formal knowledge with clinical events to make decisions
  3. Demonstrates the ability to provide competent, effective care
  4. Seeks validation for clinical decisions, integrates input from other clinicians for decision making
  5. Prioritizes and organizes work appropriately to effectively meet patient needs
  6. Appropriately delegates to and supervises team members based on assessment of competencies, within scope of practice to ensure appropriate implementation of care
  7. Collaborates & communicates relevant patient data to appropriate persons clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing (e.g.


  1. Effectively develops teaching plan and regularly integrates teaching into patient care
  3. Recognizes available resources/tools for meeting patient/family needs
  4. C completes assignments in an efficient and timely manner, requesting and utilizing resources appropriately
  5. Documents patient assessment, plan, interventions and response in accordance with applicable policies and procedures
  6. Communicates with Nurse Manager/ or designee about availability and management of supplies, system equipment and personnel resources at unit/department level
  7. Demonstrates contribution to unit-based programs and strategies to monitor and continuously improve the quality of patient care
  8. Optimizes use of staff (overtime, agency, skill mix, etc.) based on unit census and patient acuity
  10. Shows commitment to learning new knowledge and skills to enhance service to patients/ families and achieve organizational goals
  11. Implements and validates practices based upon current nursing evidence
  12. Advances the profession by assisting in clinical education and orientation of other staff and students; may function as preceptor for new staff
  13. Uses available resources to answer questions in regards to best practices, reflects upon practices on an ongoing basis
  14. Identifies opportunities for improvement in processes of care and other improvements at a unit level
  15. Actively participates in the collection and use of data and/or evaluation relative to unit-based performance improvements
  17. Participates in selection of and completes all unit-specific competencies
  18. Articulates Nursing Sensitive Indicators and quality goals for unit and describes role in accomplishing expectations; describes role and participates in quality improvement initiatives.
  19. Competency in performing phlebotomy, labeling samples, entering orders into EHR and documents the collection in the medical record.
  20. Performs C LIA/point of care (both waived & moderately complex), with annual competency
  21. Perform centrifuge of lab samples (may not be done at all sites), appropriately stores samples until transport to main lab

& appropriately disposes of un-used samples

Job Requirements

Experience Minimum Required
• Graduate of accredited nursing program with RN licensure.
Education Minimum Required
• AS, RN program completion  
Education Preferred/Desired
• BSN or enrollment in BSN program
Special Skills Minimum Required
• Licensure and/or Certifications Required
• Registered Nursing License


Urgent Care