Office Nurse RN - Cardiovascular Pease

  • Mass General Brigham
  • WDH Pease 73 Corporate Drive Portsmouth 03801
  • Mar 14, 2022
Full time Registered Nurse (RN)

Job Description

1. Physiological: Basic - Provides individualized age specific care that supports physical functioning.
a. Collaborates with physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to provide patient centered care through the comprehensive evaluation of patient's needs.
b. Utilizes time management to maintain office flow, allowing patient needs to be met in a time effective manner.
c. Intake assessment reflects a comprehensive approach to the patient/family and presenting complaint/need.
d. Assess vital signs, inclusive of pain, accurately.
e. Anticipates and accurately performs screening assessments as needed (e.g., hearing, vision, urine screens, hemmocults, etc.).
f. Anticipates and accurately performs respiratory assessment (e.g. oximetry, peak flow, spriometry, respiratory history).
g. Meaningfully assesses preventive health and social history, educating and referring issues as needed.
h. Assesses and anticipates immunization needs of children and adults.

2. Physiological: Complex - Provides individualized, age-specific care that supports homeostatic regulation.
. Uses critical thinking skills to assess the patient's problems both in the office and on the phone to establish urgency.
a. Critical analysis of patient laboratory data in order to assist in clinical decision making.
b. Elicit patient concerns; listening and providing support or teaching in response to patient's stated concerns.
c. Providing results of testing inclusive of patient education as indicated.
d. Anticipates the needs of patients with chronic illness, triaging appointments, tracking referrals, etc.
e. Evaluating patient's response determining potential problems as a result of previous treatment, examination or testing.
f. Promotes patient education as a key to health maintenance and illness prevention.

3. Safety- Provides age-specific, individualized care that supports protection from harm.
. Properly administers and documents medications, immunizations and treatments ordered by providers.
a. Ensures that all appropriate documents, consents, vaccine information sheets, etc. are provided to patients/parents/guardians.
b. Ensures the integrity of all medications and vaccines as per regulatory guidelines and applicable policies and procedures prior to administering.
c. Complies with all reporting requirements for medications, samples, communicable diseases, etc.
d. Performs other related clinical duties under the specific order of a physician or provider, i.e. EKG's, injections, nebulizer treatments, obtaining specimens, phlebotomy, vision exams, hearing exams, pulse, etc. Based on protocol or vendor instructions.
e. Performs CLIA waived tests (inclusive of internal and external controls) according to office needs and demonstrated competency.
f. Maintains all safety/health logs as indicated and required by office protocol and regulatory requirements.
g. Recognizes limitations and seeks advice and direction from the physician, provider, supervisor or other appropriate clinical staff member.
h. Surveillance: Safety - Collects and analyzes information about the patient and the environment for use in promoting and maintaining patient safety.

4. Provides age-specific, individualized care that supports the family unit.
. Promotes family values, interest and goals.
a. Utilizing the nursing process assesses patient and identified family unit, as appropriate.
b. Involves the identified family unit, as appropriate, in the plan of care recognizing the impact of health issues on the family unit.
c. Facilitates team approach to patient care in collaboration with the family to provide appropriate quality to achieve optimal patient outcomes.
d. Provides health teaching to promote, attain and maintain the optimal health level of clients and families.
e. Effectively communicates (using assistive devices and services as needed) with patient family members as appropriate.
f. Protects the patients and family's confidentiality and rights and preserves dignity.

5. Health System - Provides care that supports effective use of the health care delivery system.
. Transfers the responsibility for performance of patient care while retaining accountability for the outcome.
a. Records pertinent data in clinical record clearly and concisely, accurately documents all patient contacts.
b. Providing assistance to the patient and another health care provider during procedure or exam.
c. Proactively monitors the patient and provider schedules to ensure that patients are seen in a timely and efficient manner.
d. Plans care to include ensuring patient follow-up return to the office as appropriate.
e. Prepares, maintains and stocks examination rooms, treatment rooms and medication closets and other storage areas per office protocol.
f. Maintains vaccine inventory inclusive of ordering as needed.
g. Assists with administrative tasks as needed.
h. Maintains work area in a professional and organized manner.
i. Use technical equipment and devices to monitor patient condition or sustain life.
j. Uses information technology appropriately.

6. Professional Development-Acquires and maintains current knowledge and competency in nursing professional practice.
. Participates in ongoing educational activities and acquires knowledge and skills appropriate to the specialty area.
a. Shares information/in-services, interacting with others as valued colleagues.
b. Assists and supports a new or transferred employee through a planned orientation to specific clinical area.
c. Seeks/maintains certification.
d. Seeks constructive feedback regarding his/her own practice.
e. Maintains a personal portfolio that documents ongoing professional nursing competence.

7. Leadership - Works constructively with colleagues to advance clinical practice.
. Ensures good teamwork and effective interpersonal relationships.
a. Treats team members with respect; acknowledging differences in motivation, work style, values and practice.
b. Maintains strong and effective relationships with peers, staff, physicians, agencies and other organizations consistent with the hospital's strategic plan.
c. Acts as a clinical resource to team members, contributes to the continual learning of the clinical team identifying and coordinating continuing education.

8. Performance Improvement - Embraces opportunities to improve patient outcomes utilizing the nursing process.
. Monitors/evaluates practices & patient outcomes for patient populations, e.g. chronic disease, young children with immunization needs.
a. Works with providers to develop/revises practice protocols for a select practice focus and is recognized as resource for same.
b. Demonstrates professional, efficient abilities and contributes to office based and/or organization-wide committees/programs which improve patient care outcomes and/or administrative systems.
c. Participates in team spirit and becomes involved in daily decision-making for improvements.
d. Effective time management skills promoting an efficient and effective work environment.

Job Requirements

Experience Minimum Required
• Over one year in a medical office

Experience Preferred/Desired
• Over one year in a medical office

Education Minimum Required
• RN Degree

Licensure and/or Certifications Required
• RN