Program Administrator

  • Sunrise Services Inc.
  • Everett, WA, USA
  • Sep 23, 2021
Full time Manager/ Director

Job Description


This is an amazing opportunity to work in our state of the art facility and to lead our amazing team!

The Role:

Directs and supervises the overall 24 hour per day operation of the ESF.  Monitors and evaluates the overall operation, in full compliance with applicable RCWs, WACs, agency policies and local, state and federal requirements.  Ensures that all residents receive the highest possible quality of care and services identified in their Person-Centered Service Plans and assessments, to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being, self-care, and independence.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities and Essential Job Functions:

Resident Care and Services

  • Ensure that the program provides support and assistance to ESF residents in the following areas:
  • Health and safety,
  • Power and choice,
  • Positive recognition of self and others,
  • Integration into the physical and social life of the community,
  • Developing relationships, and
  • Promoting competence and self-reliance.
  • Serves as the main point of contact for client referrals to the ESF from DSHS / Western State Hospital.
  • Meets with those individuals referred;
  • Leads and organizes a multidisciplinary team
  • Coordinates preadmission assessments and person centered service plans in conjunction with the resident and others on the person’s planning team.
  • Develops and implements resident CARE Plans, Person Centered Service Plans (PCSP), Behavior Support Plans, Crisis and Safety Plans as required by WAC and policy.
  • Facilitate completion of resident’s CARE assessment every 180 days or as needed per WAC requirements.
  • Ensures all ESF staff always follow PCSPs, Behavior Support Plans, Crisis Plans, and Safety Plans exactly as they are written.
  • Be readily accessible to meet with residents; maintain regular contact with residents to establish relationships, provide support and monitor their welfare and program satisfaction;
  • Deliver personal care services as required by resident needs and residence staffing levels.
  • Assures sustainable compliance with WAC and contract ESF requirements to promote resident well-being.
  • Conduct weekly on-site meetings to review any changes in resident needs; address staff training and performance issues; oversee facility safety and maintenance issues, and support constructive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, etc. Follow up as needed.
  • Utilize the Resident Records checklist to conduct semi-annual reviews of resident files (hard copy and electronic); ensure complete and accurate filing and timely completion of required documents and plans.
  • Review monthly Site Safety Checklists, Accident / Injury Reports to ensure proper follow up and correction of any safety or maintenance related items.
  • Review / sign off and process all Incident Reports; ensure appropriate follow up and notifications.
  • On an annual basis- or - whenever an ESF resident has or is anticipated to have challenging behaviors that have or may result in repeated calls to 911, schedule a meeting with supervisory personnel in law enforcement  (LE) / emergency services (ES) to establish a relationship and lines of communication per Sunrise policy
  • Ensure full cooperation and compliance with “external” audits / inspections from agents of DSHS including:
    • Ensuring they are provided with access as requested to areas, materials and equipment used to provide care and support to residents, including resident and staff records, accounts and the physical premises including buildings, grounds and equipment.
    • Facilitating private interviews staff or requested.
    • Working with the ESF Administrator to develop a written plan of correction for any violations identified by DSHS. Monitor correction activities to ensure they are satisfactorily completed within required time frames.
  • Draft and / or edit new / updated ESF policies, documents and forms.
  • Responsible for reviewing, editing, and implementing new or updated ESF policies and procedures or forms; ensure appropriate staff training concerning any new requirements.


  • Work in conjunction with the Sunrise Human Resources in recruiting and hiring new MHCSSs / LPNs / MHPs / HCAs and arranging for Sunrise Company Orientation.
  • Provide facility, program and job-specific orientation and training for all new staff;
  • Establish and publish staffing schedule and ensure minimum required staffing levels are maintained at all times. In developing schedules, communicate with staff to ensure their knowledge of and availability to work as scheduled.  Fill shifts if necessary to maintain required staffing.
  • Regularly monitor ESF staff sustainable compliance with all policy requirements; ensure corrective actions as needed/appropriate.
  • Ensure that all ESF staff are knowledgeable of and carefully follow all residents’ plans exactly as written and that they consistently honor resident rights and confidentiality; provide proper support as needed. Ensure all ESF staff review and sign off on the statement of understanding on resident plans when developed and every 3 months or as plans change.
  • Set up electronic site personnel files; utilize personnel file checklists to track timely completion of all training requirements and follow up as necessary to ensure compliance.  Electronically forward training certificates and required documents to the employee’s electronic site personnel file and a copy to the employee’s main personnel file.
  • Conduct employee performance evaluations as directed by company policy and procedure.   Communicate evaluation results to staff and identify areas of improvement or knowledge gaps. Coordinate and facilitate all required training to correct knowledge gaps.
  • Review and approve employee leave requests and time sheets in Kronos and assure staff are punching in and out accurately.
  • Be available for emergency calls, 24/7.


  • Work with department Director to review and update ESF policies and forms as needed to keep them current.  Ensure that all staff are informed of and trained in any new policy requirements.
  • Audit and verify program procedures and record keeping as required.
  • Complete the ESF Quality Assurance checklist at least every 3 months.  Work with department Director to promptly resolve any deficiencies.  Maintain tracking system for resolution.  Report any unresolved deficiencies to the Director.
  • Establish and maintain in an organized, consistent and confidential manner all records required in the facility, including responsibility for resident efiles:
  • Sign final versions of resident’s assessments and service plans;
  • Electronically transfer approved documents into the resident’s e-folder and appropriate subfolder on the “Groups – J Drive”
  • Transfer documents into the appropriate Archives folders at the end of each year in keeping with the Sunrise Records Retention policy.
  • Review / sign off and process all Incident Reports; ensure appropriate follow up and notifications.
  • Ensure full cooperation and compliance with “external” audits / inspections from agents of DSHS.
  • Ensure that staff provide them with access as requested to areas, materials and equipment used to provide care and support to residents, including resident and staff records, accounts and the physical premises including buildings, grounds and equipment.
  • Facilitate requests to privately interview staff or residents.
  • Work with department Director to develop a written plan of correction for any violations identified by DSHS.  Monitor correction activities to ensure they are completed within required time frames.
  • Maintain an active Quality Improvement Committee and QA plan as required by WAC.

Safety and Security

  • Ensure and assist in maintaining cleanliness, organization, and safety of the facility.
  • Ensure completion and appropriate follow up of monthly Site Safety Checklists;
  • Review employee Accident / Injury Reports for appropriate follow up  with reporting staff and correction of any facility safety issues;
  • Ensure prompt and proper follow up and correction of any safety or maintenance related items.
  • Ensure all licensing requirements are met, while promoting the highest possible quality care of residents in accordance with applicable RCWs, WACs, DSHS policies, and Sunrise Services policies and procedures.  


  • Drive residents via agency owned or personal vehicle to / from medical / therapy appointments, grocery shopping or community activities.


  • In addition to the above, any other responsibilities appropriate to the position and not specifically listed in this job description or tasks that may be assigned on an as needed basis.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge of standard care practices
  • Knows and understands how to apply Washington state statutes and administrative rules related to the operation of a long-term care facility; WAC 388-107-1190
  • Knowledge of acceptable financial process such as budgeting and cash management 
  • Ability to teach, instruct and/ or train staff as required by resident and program needs
  • Ability to provide effective leadership and create a team-oriented, positive work environment
  • Knowledge of contemporary conflict resolution and management practices
  • Possess a willingness to work with mentally ill residents including those with special physical and cognitive needs.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office programs.
  • Ability to lift approximately 20-30 pounds and physically assist unsteady residents.
  • Must be able to perform physical aspects of position that may include carrying groceries, laundry, and other personal belongings; reaching at waist, above shoulders or below knees, walking up and down stairs, etc.


Proclamation 21 -14 requires COVID-19 Vaccinations for employees, volunteers, and contractors that work in a healthcare setting.  In accordance with the Governor's proclamation, Sunrise Services employees are required to be fully vaccinated.  Proof of vaccination status will be required upon hire.

To comply with Federal law, Sunrise Services participates in E-Verify. All newly-hired employees are queried through this electronic system established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify their identity and employment eligibility.


Job Requirements

Educational Requirements, Certifications and/or licenses:
  (Note:  Candidates for the ESF Administrator  position must meet the following education and experience requirements in order to also serve as a “Qualified Assessor” per WAC 388-107-0090)

  • A Master’s Degree in social services, human services, behavioral sciences or an allied field and two years social service experience working with adults who have severe behavioral issues; OR
  • Bachelor’s degree in social or human services, behavioral sciences or an allied medical field and one year experience working with adults with severe behavioral issues; OR
  • Has a valid Washington state license to practice as a nurse under RCW 18.79 and three years of clinical nursing experience working with adults who have severe behavioral issues; OR                                  
  • Is a currently licensed physician in Washington State with experience working with adults who have severe behavioral issues; OR
  • Is a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist; OR
  • Is a professional appropriately credentialed or qualified to provide chemical dependency, mental health, organic or traumatic brain injury and / or functional or cognitive services and work experience with adults who have severe behavioral issues.
  • Be a state-certified Home Care Aid (HCA) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN). (Certification may be obtained post-hire by completing DSHS training requirements described below).


Manager, Other

Additional Info

Training Requirements  The following trainings are required, or the willingness of complete such trainings:

  • DSHS Core Training and Developmental Disabilities, Dementia, and Mental Health Specialty Training.
  • First Aid, CPR certification is required within 30 days of hire
  • Food handler’s card
  • “Therapeutic Options” training


  • At least two years supervisory / management experience required.
  • Current valid driver’s license with an excellent driving record and $50,000 automobile liability insurance required to transport residents in personal vehicles.
  • DSHS background clearance required.
  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Two step TB skin test is required unless proof of two step TB skin test is provided then one step TB skin test would be required.

Please forward resumes to or apply at