Medical Assistants Hiring Now!

  • Flatrock Inc
  • Flint, MI, USA
  • Jul 20, 2021
Full time Certified Medical Assistant(CMA)

Job Description

Job Duties:

  1. Core Responsibilities
  1. Schedule all medical appointments including:
    1. Confirm and reschedule appointments
  2. Communicate with physicians

Primary contact with medical office to ensure appointments are completed

  1. Coordinate services with Pharmacy
    1. Order medication refills 
  2. Communicate with guardians/CMH as needed for medical issues
  3. Check staff calendar to ensure all appointments are listed and no conflicts exist 
  4. Review medication administration records weekly
  5. Perform medication cart audits weekly
    1. Schedule monthly medication passer meetings within home staff to provide any updates, changes, etc.
  6. Prepare necessary paperwork for all medical appointments and interactions 
  7. Print pharmacy orders monthly for emergency binder
  8. Review discharge paperwork from hospital visits and send to appropriate physicians and    medical professionals 
  9. Ensure treatment is completed as necessary 
  10. Complete inventory of medications and medical supplies to reorder as necessary

  • Effective Teamwork & Communication

    1. Maintain a positive, open relationship with all management and staff
    2. Maintain and advocate for all Flatrock Manor residents’ rights 
    3. Complete any additional tasks assigned from Chief Operating Officer