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Accura HealthCare is a Midwest-based healthcare company that manages and operates skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, and independent living communities. Accura embraces an upside-down organizational philosophy that places the residents, tenants, patients, and direct care employees at the very top of the organizational chart.


Accura chooses not to be referenced as a corporate office but rather as a Resource Center. The lower an employee is on the chart (thus having more leadership responsibilities), the more responsibility they have to be a resource for those above them. As members of the Accura team, we all embrace our mission statement “…to be partners in care and family for life.” As we strive to deliver on our mission, we will do this by adhering to our values of trust, integrity, accountability, commitment, and kindness.


Our vision is to be a place that provides the support and love of a united family. Our vision should not be limited to a work shift or work hour. It is a philosophy; a belief that Accura can provide a refuge from the stresses and challenges of life. Accura HealthCare is where personal life and work life blend together to bring value and purpose to one’s existence.

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