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Justice Resource Institute (JRI) is a leader in social justice, with over 100 diverse programs meeting the needs of underserved individuals, families and communities. We are committed to excellence, delivering targeted services that support the dignity of each person. JRI has initiated programs and developed models that have set trends and shaped systems. JRI does not grow through serially developing similar programs; instead, we operate a few exemplary programs of each model. Our work has compelled the development of more improved, more effective, easily workable, and solidly replicable models. In addition, we have increased the diversity and stability of our agency through merger, acquisition and partnerships that further our community goals and strengthen our services. JRI employs over 2,800 employees who are recognized for their outstanding professional skills, compassion and leadership. JRI recognizes that knowledgeable, well-skilled staff are essential to the high-quality programs and ensuring effective client outcomes. JRI values staff as a critical resource through compensation packages and career development that includes new benefit offerings, ongoing growth opportunities, leadership development, and training access.

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