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Pinnacle Treatment Centers

Martinsville, IN 46151

ABOUT USYour Recovery Comes First

Everything we do at Pinnacle Treatment starts and ends with you.

You make the choice to enter treatment. You tell us where, when, and how you’re ready to accept treatment, and that’s where we begin. Your priorities become our priorities.  Your goals become our goals. Together, we collaborate on a plan to achieve them.


Removing Obstacles to Treatment

We understand that everyone who walks through our doors has a specific set of challenges they face and a unique set of obstacles to overcome before, during, and after treatment.

Your obstacles might be external, such as work and family commitments, cost, or location.

We know how to help you overcome those.

Your obstacles might be internal, such as fear or anxiety about treatment or doubts as to whether you can make sobriety work in your life.

We know how to help you overcome those, too.

Your obstacles might be a combination of both, because although we’ve made significant progress in recent years, the stigma attached to addiction and recovery is still powerful enough to prevent people from seeking treatment.

Together, we can overcome the stigma and embrace the idea that seeking treatment is a courageous step.


Empathy, Knowledge, and Understanding

If you struggle with addiction – and you’re reading this page right now – we bet you also struggle with a paradox: you want to be free, but you hesitate at the thought of committing to rehab. We get it. Here’s something you need to know: that voice in your head that tells you asking for help is a sign of weakness, that somehow this disease you face every day means something is wrong with you as a person – that voice does not come from you. That voice comes from generations of cultural misunderstanding and decade upon decade of the medical community getting addiction – and how to treat it – totally wrong.


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