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Dignity Brain Health

1101 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA, USA

[Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: Psychopharmacology + innovative TMS therapy (we train you!)] 

**Salary: $144,000.00 - $174,000/year (depending on years of experience; evaluated for raises every 3 months) + unmatched benefits worth approximately $41,000.00/year (see below description)!

**Full time; Hybrid: in person, with some options of tele-health built into the schedule.

**To apply: Please write a cover letter explaining:

(1) why you are interested in this job, and

(2) why you believe you are an optimal match for this job, giving evidence from your experiences and qualifications.

--> Also, include your resume please

Thank you,

Omar S. Haque, M.D., Ph.D.

Medical Director

Dignity Brain Health

1101 Beacon Street, Suite 8W

Brookline, MA 02446

617-855-7288 (phone)

844-733-6150 (fax)

Are you interested in working in a modern office environment with cutting edge research and ideas being applied to treating mental health problems, such as depression, and how to enhance overall wellness, in a cooperative and caring small clinical team?   Do you love working directly with patients and providing a positive impact on their lives in a longitudinal manner? Do you have a friendly demeanor and excellent communication skills? 

Consider joining our team at Dignity Brain Health!!

Dignity Brain Health is a leading outpatient psychiatric clinic that provides patients in the greater Boston area, New England and nationally, with compassionate and evidence-based treatment for psychiatric conditions.

We are seeking a full time Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to join our team of dedicated, collaborative, caring, and smart clinicians.  

**Medication Management + TMS Therapy (an exciting new role - we will train you!)

Main responsibilities are psychopharmacology for a variety of psychiatric conditions (about 75% of the time) and providing TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy for depression (about 25% of the time).  All training for TMS will be provided on the job by our Medical Director (Dr. Omar); no experience necessary.

**You are given autonomy. 

You are expected to have independent practice authority in the state of MA to issue written prescriptions and medication orders and order tests and therapeutics.

***But you have a collaborative role as well. 

You also would be joining a collegial team that includes our Medical Director (a psychiatrist, Dr. Omar), two Medical Assistants, a Physician Assistant (PA), two Office Managers, one Practice Manager, and a full time Insurance/Billing Manager.  We love discussing patients together in weekly rounds and our motto is “never worry alone”. Advice, support, and camaraderie matter for happiness at work.

**Values Matter

To give you a sense of our culture and approach to clinical care, here is an introduction video patients see, made by our Medical Director, Dr. Omar: 

**Evidence-Based Practice.

We regularly keep up with new research to provide the best possible care to our patients.  Being able to review evidence based guidelines with patients and learn about their lives and provide general supportive care is key. 

**Heal Others With Your Mind, Heart, and Soul

Engage your whole self in your work, with knowledge of biomedicine, but also with your empathy, communication skills, and health education and coaching skills.

**We minimize your administrative work.

Our four full time administrative staff members are there to minimize your administrative work as much as possible (i.e. appointment scheduling, rescheduling).  Additionally, we provide you with daily paid time for your own administrative tasks (i.e., emails, notes, etc.).  

**We Invest in Your Work-Life Balance

We believe in providing the highest quality care for our patients, but also for our employees! We design your role to provide work-life balance, excellent interpersonal support, complete benefits, competitive pay, and we care deeply about and invest in the long term careers of our team members in a reciprocal manner.

**Rediscover the Joy of Caregiving and Meaningful Work. 

Exhausted from working in a soulless, warehouse-like hospital role? Burned out from a lonely do-it-all-yourself solo-role?  Rediscover your calling from those days when you started your schooling, and rediscover again the joy of caregiving!  This is a great chance to apply your knowledge, experience, and unique gifts to find a truly meaningful as well as collaborative role in which you can develop and sustain caring relationships with patients looking for compassionate treatment for various psychiatric conditions (especially mood disorders), and understanding and healing from stigma and the medical and psychosocial effects of mental illness in their lives and relationships.

**Other Great Benefits (approximately $41,000.00/year for items noted below)!

· Parking in a covered, attached garage on site provided for free

· Luxury, furnished office space provided, including high speed internet

· Cloud based tele-health platform and EHR that is intuitive and easy to use, with many helpful customized templates for notes

· 401k Benefit Plan 

· 401k Employer Matching Benefit Plan (approximately $3,000 value/year)

· Medical Insurance Benefit Plan (approximately $2,900 value/year)

· Dental Insurance Benefit Plan (approximately $450 value/year)

· Vision Insurance Benefit Plan (approximately $50 value/year)

· Life Insurance Benefit Plan (approximately $100 value/year)

· Short Term Disability Benefit Plan (approximately $400 value/year)

· Long Term Disability Benefit Plan (approximately $90 value/year)

· Insurance Credentialing Done For You (approximately $2,000 value/year)

· Cell Phone Benefit Plan (approximately $480 value/year)

· Gym Membership Benefit Plan (approximately $720 value/year)

· Continuing Medical Education (CME) Benefit Plan (approximately $1,000 value/year)

· Student Loan Assistance Benefit Plan (approximately $1,500 value/year)

· Paid Daily Administrative Time (approximately $11,300 value/year)

· Paid Holidays (5 per year) (approximately $2,700 value/year)

· Paid Time Off (80 hours/10 Days per year; amount increases regularly as you work more and more in the clinic) (approximately $5,500 value/year)

· Maternity/Paternity Leave Benefit Plan ($9000; 12 weeks of leave)

· Prescription Drug Discount Benefit Plan 

· Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Benefit Plan 

· Paid License 

· Other Bonuses

· We handle all onboarding of patients, forms signing, marketing and finding patients, billing, insurance claims problems, etc.

· We pay for your MA license renewal fees

Job Requirements:

· Work Full time. Monday-Friday.

· Daily 1 hour lunch break 

· Work hours: 9am - 6pm 

· Typical week’s approximate hours: 

Patient care: 36 hrs (7.3 hrs/day)

Lunch: 5 hrs

Paid Administrative time: 3.25 hrs

Meetings/rounds: 1.0 hrs

· Hybrid: in person, with some options of tele-health and working from home built into the schedule, depending on patient clinical needs and your preferences.

· Flexibility on structuring your days to optimize work-life balance (i.e. we allow some days to be shorter if others are longer, as many of our clinicians want to only work a half day on fridays)

· Patient population: Adults (18+) 

· Psychopharmacology/medication management (75% of job), TMS therapy (25% of the job). 

· Identify, prevent, and manage patient clinical problems in longitudinal manner

· All TMS training provided on the job and training time is paid for

· Initial consultations/diagnostic evaluation (60 minutes), follow up visits (20 minutes; 30 min for complex patients)

· Attend weekly patient rounds (30-60 minute meetings)

· Implement evidence-based medical/psychiatric diagnosis, treatment plans and interventions.

· Troubleshoot and resolve patient issues with interventions, including side effects, efficacy, along with clinically appropriate responses to issues that arise in treatment.

· Collaborate with staff, as indicated, to facilitate a patient’s plan of care.

· Provide excellent patient care and treat patients with compassion while developing trust and rapport. 

· Maintain electronic medical records in compliance with HIPAA.

· Provide support, reflective listening, and compassion to patients struggling with psychiatric disorders and their medical and psychosocial comorbidities. 

· Contribute to a positive work environment, including a safe and therapeutic environment for patient sessions

· Act courteously and with tact in dealing with patients, visitors and the public

· Maintain patient confidentiality

· Serve as a role model for professional practice

· Consults other clinicians/medical staff as needed to care for patients

· Follow established evaluation, treatment and office procedures

· Maintain professional appearance and demeanor

· High conscientiousness, and ability to maintain a high degree of accuracy regarding patient details. 

· A positive attitude showing initiative and willingness to adapt to change

· Communicate with Medical Director as is appropriate

· Attend all regular clinic/team meetings and check-ins

· As needed, assist other staff in providing needed documentation for insurance requests

· English fluency

· Follow standard of care guidelines of the psychiatric nurse practitioner profession and state guidelines.

· All responsibilities will be consistent with the scope of practice acts governing health care in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


**Salary: $144,000.00 - $174,000/year (depending on years of experience) + unmatched benefits worth approximately $41,000.00/year (see above description)!

-evaluated for raises every 3 months

-not hourly pay; no need to count and log your hours every day! 

-paid by W2 (NOT a contract position, i.e. 1099, which makes the employee pay more taxes! This is how many employers offering similar pay do things to inflate their perceived pay; not us…).  

-eligible for a raise every 6 months, based on performance. 

Required Qualifications:

· Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (i.e. PMH-NP or PMH-CNS)

· Licensed in the state of MA. If additional state licenses are requested, it will be paid for by the clinic.

· Master's degree in Nursing (MSN) from an accredited educational institution

· Have a valid DEA number/federal and state controlled substance certification/registration or eligibility

· Basic proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Docs applications 

· American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) certification (may get done after hire before starting work)

Preferred Background/Education:

· 2+ years of clinical experience in outpatient psychiatry (Preferred, But not required); 

· Bachelors Degree in Psychology or Neuroscience (desirable but not required).

· Credentialed with major insurance companies in MA (we credential you for free if you need it).