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12130 Millennium Dr. Ste 300, Los Angeles, CA 90094

Join the revolution in healthcare

CareRev's mission is to build a sustainable future for healthcare professionals. CareRev is a modern marketplace platform offering healthcare professionals the freedom to choose how and when they work, tools and training to develop their careers, and personalized growth opportunities.
CareRev healthcare professionals using the nurse staffing app to find positions

Our values

We start with our customers

Every decision we make starts with our healthcare professionals and health system operators. We obsess over their medical staffing problems and are committed to delivering bold solutions to address their needs.

We show a bias for action and grit

Speed matters. We are scaling fast and must be agile and resourceful. We make 2-way door decisions quickly and are intentional with 1-way door decisions.

We are curious and question the status quo

We have a learning and growth mindset. We have data-driven debates, seek to understand different perspectives, and respectfully pushback and disagree to ensure the best outcome for our customers.

We are bold in our vision

We set audacious goals and are tireless in our pursuit of results. We embrace big ideas that inspire us. We solve hard problems through constant innovation and experimentation. We fail fast, learn, and iterate quickly.

We hire and build inclusive and exceptional teams

We earn the trust of our teammates, our professionals, and stakeholders. We appreciate their unique perspectives. We are ideas over titles. We make work fun.

Our story

In 2015, Will Patterson worked as a trauma RN in San Francisco and experienced first-hand how staffing shortages and low nurse-to-patient ratios negatively impacted his ability to provide the best care for his patients. As he struggled to pay his student loans, he searched unsuccessfully for local per diem shifts. That's when he saw the bigger problem - hospitals were always looking for more staff, but nurses had no efficient, easy way to discover and fill open shifts. That’s when the idea for CareRev — the labor marketplace app that connects healthcare facilities and local, flexible, pre-qualified professionals — was born.

Today, CareRev is a rapidly growing team of nursing leaders, engineers, customer advocates, talent managers, and designers working toward a single goal: create a more flexible and efficient workforce in healthcare. Every day, we provide facilities and clinicians with staffing solutions that help them adapt to constantly changing demands while providing the best care for their patients.

CareRev team members assembling office furnitureCareRev conference call screenshotCareRev team members at a nurse staffing event dinnerCareRev CEO Will PattersonCareRev healthcare staffing team members on a company meetingCareRev team members at a sporting event

Who we are

We're a nationally distributed team, more than 300 members strong (and growing!), emboldened to improve how healthcare professionals work and live.