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Atlanta, GA 30361, USA

SnapNurse allows nurses to work where they want, when they want, and have the option to get paid at the end of their shift. Facilities can use our "self-serve" option to book fully credentialed and oriented (optional) nurses to fill empty shifts at their facilities. Nurses can accept shifts from a variety of locations, primarily in the Atlanta, San Jose (CA), and Los Angeles areas for PRN/Per Diem shifts, or can work anywhere in the US if they are looking for long term 13 week travel jobs. This is not a job board, but allows Facilities to send booking requests for shifts to a curated set of credentialed/oriented nurses that fit the requirements for their facility. Facilities control who receives the shift bookings, and all those curated nurses can work instantly at a moment's notice. Great value proposition for facilities who can find nurses 24/7 without a recruiter for PRN/Per Diem. Facilities can also use SnapNurse to message local and travel nurses to fill 13-week shifts as well.





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