Holy Cross Hospital

About us

Founded in 1955 upon Catholic teachings that remain true to our organization today. Holy Cross Hospital's mission is to serve in the spirit of the Gospel as a compassionate and transforming healing presence within our communities. Within our award-winning workplace, you'll find people of all faiths united by a set of Core Values. Holy Cross Hospital is a member of Trinity Health and dedicated to being your trusted health partner for life. We believe in a spirit of community, caring and compassion, especially for the poor and the elderly. We pledge ourselves to leadership in health education and to search for new ways of meeting the health needs of residents throughout South Florida.


Working at Holy Cross Health 

At Holy Cross Health, we seek to become the most trusted provider of health care in the communities we serve. For more than 60 years, every employee of Holy Cross Health has played a vital role in ensuring we earn that trust while achieving our shared organizational objectives. When we bring new colleagues on board, we have the opportunity to hire talented, dedicated individuals who embody our values of reverence, commitment to those who are poor, justice, stewardship, integrity and safety. 

Our hiring practices are guided by a strong sense of engagement and accountability, the desire to promote and further the education and development of our team members, and the perspective and drive that we can always improve on our already high levels of service excellence — all within a mission-driven atmosphere where employees are encouraged and rewarded for their efforts.


We hire people who are exceptionally responsive to meet our patients' needs. Holy Cross Health colleagues have:

  • A commitment to our mission: We share the values of Holy Cross Hospital and derive satisfaction from working for a mission-focused organization.
  • Outstanding judgment: We gather and evaluate information accurately and apply that knowledge to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • A solid work ethic: We derive satisfaction from initiating solutions, accomplishing difficult tasks, and engaging in varied work doing activities both big and small.
  • Extraordinary kindness: We are able to express warmth and understanding to those with whom we interact and believe in the inherent worth and dignity of each person.

It is our intent to make the most of each and every interaction with patients, family members, visitors and community members so that they leave knowing how dedicated we are to their health and wellness and how importantly we value their dignity as people and their right to quality, safe care.

We employ fair, legal, inclusive and proven hiring practices that enable us to bring the best candidates into the Holy Cross Health community. We encourage all interested applicants to consider joining the Holy Cross Health team.

As a growing multi-facility provider, we offer a wide range of choices for your future, no matter where you may be on your career journey.