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About Us

Not many people realize that the Palo Verde Hospital has its origins in the American Legion. In 1925, the American Legion turned over its clubhouse to be used as a hospital, named Palo Verde Health Center. In 1937, the facility we now call PVH opened its doors as an official unit of the County Medical Administration, as the Blythe Branch of Riverside County Hospital. Over the years, the hospital has changed hands and on more than one occasion was temporarily closed – especially during our hot summer months. In 1948, a non-profit corporation was formed to create what is now known as the Palo Verde Healthcare District.

Our Board

The Palo Verde Healthcare District was created for the purpose of purchasing and reopening Palo Verde Hospital. The Palo Verde Healthcare District, which encompasses 1,022 square miles in eastern Riverside County, is the only publicly elected body in the Palo Verde Valley charged solely with overseeing healthcare in our community. The five-member board is elected from at-large throughout the District to represent the people of the Palo Verde Valley

Expansion Projects

The Palo Verde Hospital has completed two expansion projects – one in 1962 and again in 1979. As a result, Palo Verde Hospital currently has 51 patients beds, including 4 intensive care beds and 2 surgical suites. We offer a full range of services from maternity to end of life palliative and/or hospice care.

We strive to be good partners to our community members through our donations of time and funds to such projects as the local schools, youth sports programs, scholarships and various service clubs who are active in our community.

Our Goals

Our goals are simple:

  • Customer Service - To provide unparalleled customer service to our family of patients, physicians, and employees
  • Quality - To consistently improve the quality of clinical services and achieve positive outcomes by increasing expectations for professional and clinical performance
  • Financial - To achieve sustainable operational profitability in order to gain access to capital markets to fund capital improvements and enhance clinical services
  • People – Become the "employer of choice" in our community
  • Growth - To become the "Provider of Choice" for our community by continuing to expand our core services and increase access to patient care