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Sky Lakes Medical Center

2865 Daggett Ave. Klamath Falls, OR 97601

About us

Sky Lakes Medical Center is a not-for-profit, 501(c) 3, community-benefit regional healthcare center serving some 120,000 people in a 10,000-square-mile area in southcentral Oregon and northeastern California. We combine small-town charm and neighborliness with big-city medical expertise in our 176-licensed bed facility.

Become a Sky Lakes Nurse

Work where you're valued

Our dedicated nurses, working beside skilled physicians and excellent support staff, help make Sky Lakes Medical Center the great organization that it is.

We are looking for healthcare professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of our patients. Nurses who will serve as leaders and mentors on our care teams and as active participants in our small but passionate community. Our nurses are the heart of Sky Lakes Medical Center.

Sky Lakes Medical Center is proud to be a DAISY Award Partner, recognizing one of our extraordinary nurses with this special honor each quarter.

Sky Lakes Medical Center values its nurses. RN pay ranges from almost $39 an hour to more than $57 an hour at Sky Lakes. Plus, there's zero sales tax in Oregon, and the cost of living in Klamath Falls is generally less than the national average.

The nurses at Sky Lakes Medical Center are specially trained for the fields in which they work. Through continuing education and specialized training, our nurses excel at caring for patients throughout the medical center, or, for Sky Lakes Home Health nurses, in patients' homes.

Sky Lakes nurses at Packer Plant company holding plants

Sky Lakes nurses at an event hosted by a local plant store.

Image from our trauma skills fair.

Learn more about being a nurse at Sky Lakes or call Rachel, 541.274.2943, weekdays during regular business hours.

Opportunities for nurses at Sky Lakes

Sky Lakes Graduate Nurse Residency Program

Our one-year nurse residency program offers new graduate nurses the tools, skills and resources to be successful in the hospital setting.

Graduate nurses enjoy a supportive environment committed to mentoring, coaching and learning. They participate in a structured program designed to ease their transition from new nurse graduate to confident caregiver. Many of our nursing graduate students take on full-time nursing positions at Sky Lakes after they complete the program.

2019 RN-1 Nursing Residency Program graduates

Come work at a hospital where you can balance work and life

A healthy work-life balance is a major facet of our company culture. Our nurses are encouraged to find balance and enjoy their time away from the medical center to the fullest, whatever that may look like to each employee. Klamath Falls offers a wide range of opportunities to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Klamath Falls is just under an hour from Crater Lake National Park, we're nestled between rugged mountains and pristine high desert, with a giant lake just outside our front door.

Sky Lakes Medical Center’s Nursing Philosophy *

We, the nurses at Sky Lakes Medical Center:

  • Believe nursing is a dynamic profession, blending intuition, caring and compassion with evidence-based practice;
  • Achieve clinical excellence in our nursing practice through autonomy, creativity, and innovation to provide quality patient care;
  • Embrace learning as a lifelong adventure, willingly engaging in professional development as we strengthen our practice;
  • Regard collaboration with our healthcare partners as the vital key for creating a balanced therapeutic environment for healing;
  • Acknowledge family members as integral care partners, to be treated as we would want our family to be treated;
  • Recognize the uniqueness of each individual. Respecting, protecting, advocating for the patient’s right to self-determination, self-expression, confidentiality, and dignity;
  • Honor each other as fellow human beings with unique life experiences and viewpoints. We pledge to support, acknowledge, and nurture one another.

We cherish the sacred trust of our patients as the foundation of all that we do.

* Developed and adopted by Sky Lakes nurses in 2007. Published in our Nursing Annual Report