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Newport Bay Hospital

1501 E. 16th Street, Newport Beach, Ca 92663


Founded in 1994, Newport Bay Hospital (NBH), located in beautiful Newport Beach, California is operated as a 34 bed, locked, inpatient psychiatric hospital. We are a short term stay facility dedicated to the treatment of the adult/senior population. NBH accepts both voluntary and involuntary patients who have an acute psychiatric illness. NBH is licensed by the State of California, is LPS designated, and Medicare certified.

Our program philosophy is based on an approach whereby patients with primary psychiatric diagnosis actively engage in treatment with the guidance of their Physicians and the treatment team.  Through this experience, patients learn to better understand themselves and their opportunities for improvement. This process provides patients to practice new coping skills to manage their lives, based on their physical, developmental, social, psychological, and spiritual needs.

An intensive evaluation and diagnosis of acute, emotional, and behavioral problems such as mood disorders, dementia and psychosis will be provided. In addition, the hospital provides a comprehensive treatment program to patients experiencing medical conditions along with their psychiatric symptoms. The focus of the acute short term hospitalization is evaluation and stabilization. Discharge planning assistance is provided.   



The treatment plan for each patient is developed after a thorough evaluation by a team of professionals which make up the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team. The Interdisciplinary Treatment team consists of the following:



Primary Care Physician

Nursing Staff

Social Worker

Activities Therapist

Dietary Supervisor

This team will work in concert with the patient and family to establish and achieve the treatment goals for the hospitalization. Active participation is strongly encouraged. The Interdisciplinary Treatment Team may request other health professionals to participate.





Each day the patient is to participate in a scheduled program, which includes therapeutic groups. A schedule of the groups/activities is posted on the unit. Groups are an essential part of attaining your treatment goals. Groups can help identify your strengths, capabilities, and interests, as well as enhancing cognitive and coping which can assist team members in establishing treatment priorities and setting realistic goals. Some group topics are as follows:

Medication Education                Disease Management           Music Therapy                 Exercise              Nutrition Education

Safety                                        Therapeutic Games               Creative Expression        Gardening           Relationship Management

Healthy Living                            Anger Management               Reminiscing                    Pet Therapy        Spirituality

Validation Therapy                     Crisis Management               Community Meeting        Relaxation           Psycho-Educational Processing   





NBH is equipped with on on-site pharmacy, allowing for immediate dispensing and administration of medications. The pharmacist will review all medication orders before they are dispensed.  





Menus are posted in the dining room. The dietary department provides specialized diets as ordered by the physician. Upon discharge, diet and food/drug interaction information will be provided. We encourage patients to eat together in the dining room, eating together encourages patients to get to know each other and is part of the programs therapeutic experience.