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Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

751 S Bascom Ave San Jose, CA 95128
Sobrato Pavilion building exterior


Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospital and Clinics (SCVMC) is an integral part of the public healthcare delivery system in Santa Clara County, emphasizing quality care, research, teaching, innovation, and most importantly, a focus on a positive patient experience.  Our mission has been to provide high quality accessible healthcare and excellent service to all persons in Santa Clara County regardless of their social-economic status and ability to pay. 

SCVMC includes a tertiary level acute care hospital with 731 licensed beds, providing the highest level of adult and pediatric emergency medical and trauma services, a regional high risk Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, an ACS-verified Burn Trauma Center, a Primary Stroke Center, a CARF-accredited Rehabilitation Center, emergency and acute inpatient psychiatric services, as well as a range of other specialized services – in some cases the only such treatment in the region.

The medical center hosts five highly competitive residency training programs and partners with Stanford University Medical Center for the training of residents and fellows in many Stanford-based specialties. SCVMC also offers high quality clinical training experiences for more than 30 non-physician healthcare professions, including exceptional clinical training for more than 1,000 RNs annually. 

SCVMC provides a range of outpatient primary and specialty care services.  Its large primary care network includes eight health centers located throughout the county, four urgent care clinics, comprehensive dental services and numerous community based health services offering care to young adults, individuals experiencing homelessness, and other vulnerable members of our community.

SCVMC also offers comprehensive specialty care outpatient services, including the Sobrato Cancer Center at Valley Specialty Center, a Renal Care Center, and a Diabetes Center.

A critical healthcare delivery system for the region, in 2017 SCVMC care teams served more than 275,000 individuals, performed more than 10,000 surgeries, admitted 25,000 patients for acute inpatient hospital stays, delivered 3,200 babies, and provided more than 800,000 medical treatments in the ED and other outpatient settings. 

SCVMC is part of the County of Santa Clara Health System (COSCHS), the second-largest County-owned health and hospital system in California committed to improving the health of the 1.8 million residents of Santa Clara County.  As an integrated health care system, COSCHS comprises the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC), Behavioral Health Department, Public Health, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Valley Health Plan.  ​


Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is a comprehensive healthcare organization. We are also a large and highly respected teaching hospital.  We have all normal hospital services, such as Labor and Delivery, Our major service lines include our nationally recognized Rehabilitation Center, Mother Infant Care Center, Regional Burn Trauma Unit, Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Trauma Services, Intensive Care Services and comprehensive Cancer Services. We also have one of the few comprehensive Emergency Departments in the Bay Area. We provide emergency and acute psychiatric care.  We have 8 comprehensive health centers geographically spread across Santa Clara County. We have a robust community outreach program that utilizes mobile health centers to reach vulnerable and at risk populations. These care teams provide care at various locations around the county including teen alternative schools, re-entry centers, shelters, homeless encampments, and more. We have over 30 Specialty Services such as Orthopedics, GI, Ophthalmology and more. 

SCVMC was recognized for its commitment to excellence in 2017 with many awards. Among them:

  • SCVMC achieved HIMSS Stage 7 recognition for both acute and ambulatory care. SCVMC is the first County healthcare system in California and the 2nd largest County owned hospital in the US to achieve this level of recognition.
  • 2017 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award by Hospital Quality Institute for excellence in the use of technology to improve access to and quality of care.​




The County of Santa Clara strives to provide you and your family with programs, tools, and resources to help you live a healthy life.




We’re committed to building a healthy community—one person at a time. But health is more than​ just getting the care you need. It’s about getting and staying healthy in all areas of your life. Our programs can help you do just that. View Employee Benefits page for more information on programs.

  • Medical - Provides annual checkups, screenings, urgent care services, hospital visits, prescriptions, and much more. (See more)
  • Dental - Brightens your smile, keeps your mouth healthy, and treats any dental issues.
  • Vision - Helps you see better.
  • Bonus Waiver - Gives you the option to receive a taxable increase in gross wages by waiving the County’s medical coverage.
  • Health FSA




No matter what financial goals you’ve set, we offer plans to help you get there. Together, they create a powerful way for you to protect your income, pay for expenses, and invest in your future.

  • Dependent Care - Helps you pay for dependent care expenses so you can work and/or for certain expenses not covered by your health plans
  • Life Insurance - Protects you and your family from financial woes caused by death or disability
  • AD&D Insurance - Protects you and your family in unforeseen event




Sometimes you’ll need time away from work to be with family, attend to a medical condition, take a dream vacation, or just recharge. We’ve got you covered.

  • Paid time off - Generous vacation days so you can take time off when you need it
  • Paid sick leave




  • Gym Discounts - Helps you get fit, manage weight, eat well, and take care of yourself
  • Employee Discounts
  • VTA Eco Pass - Transportation support for a stress-free commute




We offer competitive programs to help define and build on your financial goals and give you peace of mind as you plan for your future.

  • CalPERS
  • Deferred Comp
  • Retiree Medical Coverage - County pays for medical coverage after employee completes 15 years of service