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Dedicated to Our Community

Our focus is clear. Deliver high-quality care that is vital to our community. Help people manage and improve their health through access and education. And treat patients and their families as we would want to be treated, with understanding and respect. Our compassionate, capable teams are here for you.

Committed to Working Together
Why Work Here?

Valley Presbyterian Hospital is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the San Fernando Valley. Working here means becoming part of an organization that not only cares for the patients inside our walls but also takes seriously a responsibility to be a vital asset to the community we call home. Through community benefit programs, volunteerism, and philanthropy, the people of VPH extend our organization’s impact far beyond our campus, deeper into the lives of those who need help. We welcome those who want to join us in this vital work.

Career Opportunities

Whether you are experienced or just starting, we have rewarding career opportunities, with competitive wages and benefits. When you join the Valley Presbyterian Hospital family, you will be making a vital difference in our community.


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    We know how essential our teams are and we are committed to providing opportunities to grow, innovate, and lead.


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    The understanding that each of us has a vital role in our patients’ health and wellbeing unites our board of directors, medical staff, hospital ...


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Independent vs. Health System Hospital

As one of the largest independent hospitals in the Los Angeles area, VPH is managed locally with a priority on the needs of our people and our community. We answer to our patients, not a group of shareholders. For our employees, that means working in an environment that is nimble, unbureaucratic, and compassionate so that high-quality care delivered by talented healthcare professionals makes a difference to our patients. We value teamwork, support open, honest communication, and are committed to mutual respect.

Patients Are Part Of Families

From our family care specialists, to exam rooms that are large enough to accommodate family members, VPH is a place that respects everyone that cares for our patients. Joining VPH means joining colleagues that understand how important families are to the care and recovery of their loved ones.

Plan, Do, Study, Act

Being vital means taking initiative in the constant improvement of care. As such, our culture promotes a process that encourages individuals and teams to develop new ways to be better, fast tracks those initiatives, and provides the necessary resources to make change successful. VPH is a place to learn, grow and take initiative.