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Booker Rest Home Annex

1012 S. 3rd St. Dayton, WA 99328

Should you decide that you or your loved one is in need of the benefits of full-time nursing care, Booker Rest Home can provide competent medical care in an inviting atmosphere. We are a 23-bed, long-term care facility with both private and semi-private rooms. As a licensed skilled nursing facility, located adjacent to Dayton General Hospital, Booker Rest Home provides nursing care from registered nurses and licensed practical nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Certified nursing assistants are on staff full time. We provide a friendly, home-like setting to residents on a long-term or respite care basis. For convenience, physical therapy, restorative therapy, end stage dementia care, social services, laboratory and radiology services are provided to residents on campus. Medical care is provided on campus by Columbia County Health System medical providers
Booker Family Rest Home is clean, fresh smelling, and filled with natural light. You'll love the dining room, with its panel windows overlooking the beautiful park-like setting that leads down to the Touchet River.

For Questions regarding Booker Rest Home, please call Tammy Brown, our Assisted Living Administrator at 509.382.8348 or Gretchen Eslick, Director of Nursing Services at 509.382.8349.

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We are located in Southeastern Washington, within the Touchet River Valley of the Blue Mountains and the Columbia County seat of Dayton. Dayton is the center of the charming rural community we serve. Located just 60 miles from Tri-Cities WA, Lewiston ID, and just 35 miles to Walla Walla WA, we are only a short drive to wineries, restaurants, galleries, and shopping centers. Dayton's charming historic main street is the heart of our rural community and the starting point for many recreational opportunities in the region, including Bluewood Ski Resort, the Snake River, and endless hiking trails and streams within the Blue Mountains.
Columbia County Health System is a value-guided organization whose mission is to partner with our customers, staff, and communities to promote the region's health and well-being. We offer full benefits: i.e., medical, dental, vision, life, vacation, 401(k) retirement, and more.






  • One July afternoon upon visiting a nearby University for our freshman basketball player, I said to my wife, let's go for a drive in the Country after the tour.  On the drive I wishfully said, "wouldn't it be nice if there were a Remote Access hospital near here."  My wife Googled and sure enough one was in Dayton.   We drove up to the Administration building and met the friendliest receptionist who informed me that not only was the hospital looking for nurses, but they could pay Portland and Seattle wages. I said, "well, if that's true have someone call me." Forty five minutes later I received a call from the Chief of HR.  That call resulted in my making the move to Columbia County Health System.  Love the people here.  So accommodating of me joining the team. - Anthony, RN, BSN


  • Having worked for several large companies, coming to Columbia County Health System has been such a culture change for me. The collaboration and teamwork here have allowed me to build close working relationships with staff and the management team. With the smaller company, I am able to have the opportunity to dive into roles that fall outside of my own job description and learn valuable new skills. One of the greatest aspects of working here is that the key decision makers are working alongside me and including me in the decision-making, which gives me the greatest feeling of being respected for my opinion and skill set. Another great aspect of working with a smaller team is that I feel I receive the recognition deserved for the hard work that I put in on a day to day basis which makes it worth the effort and gives me increased job satisfaction and the desire to do well. - Kimberly, RN, BSN