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St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute

711 S Cowley St, Spokane, WA 99202-1330

At Providence St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Medical Center, medical rehabilitation excellence and compassion are at our core. Our fully accredited rehabilitation center is home to an expert team that integrates treatments, technology and care to help patients of all ages achieve their goals following stroke, spinal cord injuries, orthopedic issues and brain injuries.

We’re proud to be one of the most technologically advanced rehab centers in the United States, and we leverage our innovation every day to help our patients thrive. After all, it’s perseverance, energy and inner spark – not injuries – that define each of us. 

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Stroke Program
Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center
Spinal Cord Injury Program
Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center
Brain Injury Program
Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center
Occupational Therapy
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Physical Therapy
Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center
Sports and Recreation Programs
Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center

Comprehensive, People-Centric Care

Comprehensive care is about more than just treating an injury. It's about healing the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and helping them live their fullest, most energetic life yet. Award-winning treatments and innovative technology are just one piece of the puzzle. Whether you are visiting our inpatient hospital or outpatient locations, our integrative approach connects extraordinary patients and their families with rehabilitation experts, holistic treatments and an energetic, supportive community that rallies behind their every success.
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St. Luke's Community

A 2,200 square foot therapy area within the main campus, St. Luke’s Community is an interactive hub where patients practice daily activities under the supervision of highly trained therapists.

In this hands-on facility, patients master proper techniques for tasks such as getting in a car and putting on their seatbelt, loading a grocery cart, using a computer, crossing streets and navigating curbs, withdrawing funds from a bank and even boarding a plane or bus.


Our World

Providence donated medical supplies to assist with relief efforts.
The Perinatal RISE Program (P-RISE) is an intensive, outpatient resource specifically for people who are pregnant or up to one-year post-partum.
Providence funded Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center’s new behavioral health coordinator position to address behavioral health needs at a local level.
Providence Inland Northwest Foundation committed to distribute $8.4 million to fund programs, projects, and equipment at the six Providence hospitals in Spokane and Stevens counties.

Providence Nursing Institute

Nurses are the Heart of Providence.

Statistic graphic for Providence Nursing Institute. 36,000 nurses, 5 million unique patients served, 51 hospitals, 1,085 clinics, and 53 acute care locations


We strive to make every encounter sacred. This is core to our mission and why we seek to inspire the highest potential of every Providence nurse.

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Life-Long Learning

We are 100% committed to life-long learning, development and advancement. This is just one way we help nurses deliver whole-person patient care.

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We are steadfast in advancing nursing practices equally across the seven states and full range of care delivery types we serve.

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Striving to Make Every Encounter Sacred

With every life we touch, we affect more than one individual, strengthening our communities and making the future brighter. Our work creates a better, healthier world for all people, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.


We care for each other just as we do for our patients. Providence strives to create fulfilling work environments that make every nurse feel valued, heard and included.  

Climbing ladderGROWTH

We are committed to empowering your calling as a nurse. We offer fellowships and residency for all with everyday support on the most advanced technology and resources.

Hands holding communitySACRED ENCOUNTERS

Nurses at Providence are leaders who transform every encounter into a sacred relationship. We see your value, help you transform care and strive to amplify your impact.

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In a typical day, I’ll work on a local project with the regional team followed by a call that includes colleagues from all over the system. Everyone is generous and works together to accomplish a shared goal.

– John Elliot, nurse educator leader

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Providence is the first organization [where] I have worked that focuses on supporting the wellbeing and development our nursing caregivers. Providence treats caregivers as their greatest investment.

– Naydu Lucas, DNP, MBA, MSN, RN, chief nursing officer

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I joined the residency because being a new nurse is hard to prepare for and is more than taking vitals and doing the tasks you learn in school. In the first year of working, having a preceptor is wonderful – especially for asking questions in the moment.
– Jessica Robinson, RN, BSN

Nursing News & Events

Professional Nurse Educator Group 48th Annual Conference. October 2022.
Learn more about nontraditional nursing roles outside of the acute care setting
As we begin a new year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the exciting work that was accomplished in 2021.
In November, PopHealth Podcast held it's first ever LIVE event with past guests and organizations that are considered experts in their space. Check out the 4 segments from the event with the leaders