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Harbor Regional Healthcare

915 Anderson Dr. Aberdeen, WA 98520

2021 RN Residents



Harbor Regional Health Community Hospital (HRHCH) is dedicated to supporting the nursing profession by ensuring that its newest members are given the tools needed to succeed. The residency program is designed to assist new RN's and experienced RN's who have not had acute care nursing experience, in gaining hands on experience in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Our residency program is a great opportunity for those nurses who have graduated in the last two years and want to work in or transition into an acute care setting.


Upon completion of the residency program, registered nurses will be able to:

  • Safely provide care for patients in the acute care setting.

  • Prioritize patient care based on acuity or urgency of patient need.

  • Recognize and respond to emergency situations.

  • Recognize abnormal assessments and know when to consult.

  • Administer medications in a safe and timely manner.

  • Access patient education materials and resources.

  • Coordinate care with the healthcare team and outside agencies.

  • Communicate effectively with individuals and groups.

  • Be part of a nursing team for patients in your community.


  • During the initial 2 weeks of the residency program, topics will be covered via classroom instruction and skills labs. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • General hospital orientation.

  • IV therapy and phlebotomy.

  • Basic EKG.

  • Lifts and transfers.

  • Leadership.

  • Communication.

  • Delegation.

  • Stress management.

  • Documentation.

  • Safe medication administration.

Upon completion of the RN residency program, you will continue to receive clinical support from your management team, mentor and preceptor and other members of the healthcare team.

If selected for the residency program, you will be hired by HRHCH in a permanent position. During the program, you will be expected to complete 36-40 hours of orientation/work per week. Upon completion of the residency program, you will be expected to accept the position you are offered (the FTE position will depend upon the open positions available). You will also be expected to sign a minimum of a one (1) year employment commitment in the department in which you are hired.


  • Complete the HRHCH application for employment.

  • New graduates: Supply 3 references from: one instructor, one preceptor, one other (previous employer, coach, clergy, etc.) using the graduate residency RN candidate reference forms.

  • Experienced Nurses: Supply two references: one professional, one peer.

  • Check with individuals providing references to ensure that they have been returned to HRHCH human resources department by the deadline.

  • New graduates must complete the candidate work preference selection for the interview form.

  • Ensure all documentation is completed and submitted to the human resources department.

  • Graduation from a registered nursing program.

  • RN NCLEX exam completed for new graduates.

  • Active licensure status.