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Pullman Regional Hospital offers an individually-customized nurse residency program for new graduate nurses.  Being a new nurse can be difficult and can bring a lot of anxiety.   Our goals are to develop a program that focuses on the needs of each individual. Basic nursing skills will be assessed by expert nurses in order to help build the perfect program for you.

The nurse residency length will typically last at least 6 months on our medical-surgical floor.  Opportunities are available to specialize in areas including:

  • Intensive Care Unit, Surgery, Emergency Department, Same Day Services and Labor/Delivery/Postpartum/Nursery after you are a proficient RN with medical surgical skills.
  • Skills Lab simulation opportunities 
  • Intense IV start training in our Same Day Services Department

Program goals include:

  • Helping new nurses develop confidence in the skills it takes to transition from student to novice nurse
  • Increase critical thinking and decision-making skills under the supervision and guidance of a preceptor
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in clinical knowledge and skills and work to close those gaps
  • Fostering continuous growth and development
  • Applying current evidence-based practice to personal knowledge and skills
  • Reduce employee turnover and improve burn-out rates by supporting new nurses 
  • Maintain our standard of high quality care of our patients