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Lourdes Medical Center

About Us

Caring for the Community

Since 1916, Lourdes history has been woven with one theme. A response to a calling. We have a rich history of being called to respond to the health care needs of our community. Today, we remain a spiritually centered, state-of-the-art health care network that continues to respond to our calling.

Our Mission leads us to respond to the healthcare needs of those we serve. But, not only are we called to respond, but we are called to transform healthcare. We believe that health care should be effective, safer and more available to all people. We preserve our Mission and identity in our work each day. Ours is a story of service, commitment, caring and action.

The Vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph

We are inspired by the vision, courage and spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph who came to Pasco in 1916 to open the first hospital in the region. With very few resources, deep faith and a great desire to care for the sick of this community; dedicated physicians and concerned community members helped to make the dream a reality. To this day, compassionate care, excellence and great respect for each individual remains the hallmark of our services. 

The First Hospital

The Sisters of St. Joseph arrived in Pasco via the Northern Pacific Railroad in the summer of 1916. They took up residence in the old Montana Hotel, leased from Mrs. Anna Crotty. There the Sisters set-up everything necessary to care for the sick. Soon the hospital was placed under the patronage of Our Lady of Lourdes, and opened its doors to the sick of the community.

The building had no elevator and surgery patients had to be carried from the basement to the operating room on the third floor! The flu epidemic of 1918 so overcrowded the hotel, that a drive was started for a new facility. 

With the help of a newly formed hospital board, the Sisters negotiated the purchase of land at Park and Fourth Street. The Northern Pacific Railroad Company sold the entire block of land to the Sisters for the sum of $1.00 and ground was broken for a new hospital.

Additions have been made to the hospital building at various times throughout the years. Added beds and the modernization of medical equipment have changed the hospital inside and out. At Lourdes, we do not falter to uphold the Mission of the Sisters.  

Today, Lourdes consists of several facilities throughout the Mid-Columbia area. With Lourdes Medical Center serving acute hospital needs, Lourdes Counseling Center caring for those with mental health needs, Lourdes Occupational Health Center taking care of our local business and their employees, and a network of physician clinics caring for Mid-Columbia families, Lourdes strives to meet the healthcare needs of those we serve.


At Lourdes, we collaborate with other healthcare organizations to assure that quality health care services are provided to all. Lourdes has a commitment to excellence, serving all persons in a Christian spirit. We welcome all persons regardless of race, religion, creed, national origin, economic status or ability to pay.

Your care is provided by professionals who are committed to the delivery of holistic healthcare as an extension of the healing ministry of Jesus.