Baylor Scott & White

Better Nursing.
Better Patient Outcomes. 

One of only a handful of its kind in the nation, the Nursing Institute gives nurses the freedom and flexibility to create a career path that is unique to their passions and goals, while helping drive exceptional patient outcomes. Developed with the advancement of nursing in mind, our Nursing Institute empowers nurses to deliver evidence-based, patient-centered care and take their careers wherever they want to go. Click here to learn more.
With transparent leadership and a spirit of easy communication, governance and decision-making are shared responsibilities.  Everyone has a role in creating a better healthcare system, and you’re empowered to contribute ideas with the confidence that you’ll be heard. 
The nursing culture is also part of the entire Baylor Scott & White Health culture, where mutual respect and teamwork guide all our relationships: among nurses, physicians, technicians, therapists, support staff – the entire care team. Because taking good care of patients means taking care of each other.