With our experience, we have the knowledge and the necessary resources to provide complete and accurate results in a cost-effective manner. Healthcare and budgets are a big concern of ours, and our affordable prices fit into the budgets of the vast majority. Our company is built around patient experience. We know your time matters, and on average our patients are in and out within 10 minutes or less.

Our mission is to provide a multitude of testing procedures at the lowest price while providing the highest level of customer service to all our clients. We believe that healthcare is a right to everyone, and we believe that every single person deserves affordable access to testing. We see all patients. If you have insurance, we'll accept it. If you don’t have insurance, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t have a doctor or a referral, it doesn’t matter. We're from here and we're out here - to help you feel safe.

Once you learn all about CovClinic, we are certain that you will choose us for your testing needs. We are committed to excellence, both in our products as well as our services. At CovClinic, we take pride in performing a variety of tests. We provide direct access to PCR, antigen, and antibody testing services. Our customers are a mix of consumers, businesses and government entities.