Relode Healthcare

Healthcare is roughly a $23B industry — and that’s going to rise with the aging and retirement of the Boomer generation — and about $4B of that is permanent placement.

Despite all that money floating around, talent acquisition at big healthcare companies is often a disaster — and the HR function overall isn’t helping.

What Relode does is create a three-sided marketplace similar to what Shipt was doing before Target acquired it.

Tant’s three-sided marketplace is:

  • Healthcare employers
  • Healthcare employees
  • Agents

At base, Relode allows anyone to join the online platform for free and make referrals in exchange for payment—removing the middle man and creating a new wave of head hunters.

But in addition to options for agents, they also have options for employers  and healthcare IT.

In sheer growth terms, the idea seems to be working: Relode has grown 300% in recent months.

“Healthcare recruiting was lacking new and innovative ways to find talent at a time when it most needed an influx of talent,” says Tant, noting the rise in various healthcare professions projected over the next five-eight years. “There was both a lack of communication and a lack of talent around, and hopefully our team is on the path to fixing it.”